simplifying fugitive recovery

our team of professionals helps you protect assets by locating and apprehending defendants who miss court or violate the conditions of their bail


Through a partnership with Advanced Community Solutions, we help you prevent losses before they violate bond conditions or fail to

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Need someone found? Our skiptracers can help you get a location on defendants or cosigners who have moved, gotten new

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North Carolina Apprehension Team

We do fugitive recovery the RIGHT way!

We have several teams with agents who are able to locate and apprehend your defendants and return them to jail. Our collective years of experience and wisdom ensure an extremely high success rate. We don’t shy away from difficult assignments, either. 

Our teams operate with a high degree of professionalism, so you can trust that the job will be done, and done right. We recognize that people have many reasons for missing court, but whether it was simply a forgotten date or an actual runner, we treat them with decency and integrity. 

We assist bail agents, agencies, and sureties with recoveries, and we are happy to do one job or contract with you for all of your skips. Ready to get a quote? Call Rex at 910-4-SPIVEY or Ken at 336-456-6046 to discuss.